3. Medical Help For Your Mental Health

"Before every doctors appointment, I was petrified that this time they would put me in a mental hospital. I wasn’t scared of getting treatment. I was scared of going in and never coming out again!" MAKE A GP APPOINTMENT If you think you might be depressed or suffering from any sort of mental illness, your … Continue reading 3. Medical Help For Your Mental Health


2. My Mental Health Story

My mental health story is long! I’ve not left anything out and it’s how I remember it, but as it started nearly 30 years ago I’m sure my mind has shut parts of it out. It’s not imperative that you read it but I’m writing this to show that you can be in the deepest, … Continue reading 2. My Mental Health Story

1. Self Help For Your Mental Health

It took me a long time to write this series of self help tips for mental health. I had so much that I wanted to say but getting it down on paper was hard. My usual methodical mind did not want to play ball. My aim is to try and pass on some knowledge and … Continue reading 1. Self Help For Your Mental Health

Tropical Chocolate Ganache

Here is a very quick and easy, no-bake recipe for Tropical Chocolate Ganache. It's an extremely moreish tart and as it has fruit on it surely that means it's ok to eat anytime right! (Disclaimer: that comment is obviously for cake lovers or for people who try to justify when it's a good time to … Continue reading Tropical Chocolate Ganache

Hot Pink Tea Station

We'd had some work done in our kitchen that left a lot of unsightly holes in the wall so I was looking for a picture or something to cover it up. I come across this pine bookcase at a car boot sale for a couple of quid and knew I could do something with it. … Continue reading Hot Pink Tea Station

Tea & Cake For Your Mental Health

Over the next two weeks, I will be publishing a series of blogs about mental illness. It will be a very frank account of my mental health background, my thoughts and lots of tips that I hope will help other suffers. I will be publishing one or two blogs a day which will cover the … Continue reading Tea & Cake For Your Mental Health

My New Sideboard – Annie Sloan Upcycle

I was looking for a bigger sideboard. I had a vague idea in my head but didn't seem able to find what I wanted. I tend to buy second hand pieces when I can, as I regularly change my mind and decor and do like a bit of a project. I was quite happy to … Continue reading My New Sideboard – Annie Sloan Upcycle