Apple & Blackberry Crumble (with Chocolate, Gluten & Dairy Free Options)

Today, I’d love to share my quick apple and blackberry crumble recipes with you, which are easy to make gluten or dairy free if desired. I’ve also included a couple of tips and variations – particularly a chocolate version which is absolutely amazing!

This year there was an abundance of blackberries in hedgerows all over the south of England.  We collected punnets full during our woodland walks which I prepared for freezing. I’m now able to have blackberry and apple crumble all year round. Of course, you could use just apples or several other fruits.

It’s so cheap to make if you have foraged blackberries or home grown fruit, and is a perfect comfort-eat pudding for summer and autumn evenings.

round glass bowl filled with a chocolate apple and blackberry crumble with a silver spoon sticking out for a recipe post

Apple & Blackberry Crumble Recipe

Ingredients for making blackberry and apple crumble:

Recipe 1

I discovered the base recipe at Good to Know and adapted it to make a chocolate version with less sugar. It is heavenly.

150g flour ( or 120g flour & 30g cocoa powder for chocolate crumble)
100g butter
60g brown sugar
500g fruit of choice

Recipe 2

This is the crumble recipe I was taught to make at school, as were my sons, and I’ve had success with it many times since. I do find that if you use gluten and dairy free ingredients, it does come out a bit pale, but still tastes really good.

150g plain flour (I use Doves Farm Gluten Free)
75g margarine (I used Vitalite Sunflower Dairy Free)
50g sugar
500g fruit of choice

Method for making apple and blackberry crumble:

  1. Turn on Oven to 180*
  2. Sieve flour into a large mixing bowl.
  3. Cut butter/dairy free spread/marg into small pieces and rub into the flour with your fingertips.
  4. Add in the sugar and continue to rub until it resembles large breadcrumbs.
  5. Put all your prepared fruit into a large saucepan with a little water and sprinkle with a sugar if necessary. Bring to the boil and simmer for a few minutes to soften. (I skip this step as I prefer my fruit to still have a little crunch.)
  6. Spoon fruit into a pyrex dish and top with the crumble mix.
  7. Add to the oven and cook for around 30 mins.
  8. Serve hot or cold with a dairy free custard or ice cream (I use Alpro).



Freeze butter into portions
I rarely use marg/butter, except when cooking, so I  freeze in portions of 50g or 100g. It is then easy to take out when needed and can be cut when frozen if you need less than that amount.

Reduce food waste
Ever find the apples and pears in your fruit bowl start to go a bit soft before you’ve had a chance to eat them? Instead of throwing away,  peel, chop, and freeze to use in a crumble at a later date. See the link below on how to prepare the fruit for freezing.


Fruit options
Use any fruit of choice. I love pear with blackberry. Apple on its own, rhubarb and peach all work well.

Did I mention the chocolate crumble alternative 😉? I can’t recommend it enough.

.You may like to see my other tips and recipes:

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* (Blackberry &) Apple Coconut Squares

* Blackberry or Fruit Muffins

oval shaped pyrex dish with a cooked apple and blackberry crumble with chocolate topping


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  1. I have never tried a chocolate crumble!! I haven’t made a crumble for ages though and I have a ton of apples I need to use up and some blackberries in the freezer…I’m just trying to figure out whether to make it chocolate crumble or not?

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