Oaty Banana Breakfast Cakes – Gluten & Dairy Free

(Updated June 2019)

Back in 2016, I opted for a wheat free, dairy free diet to see if it would improve some of the health problems that I was having.  I was already having a healthy diet but I did like a cake or chocolately treat now and then, mostly at the weekends or during tea break when I was working in education.

A dear friend of mine sent me a recipe for an easy 3 ingredient cookie which I have modified to make into gluten free and dairy free oaty banana cakes. They are perfect when you are short on time, low on spoons or in need of a boost, and can also be made as cookies, snack ball or bars.


A soft ripe banana
One cup of oats
any extras of your choice such as cranberries, raisins, choc chips, etc


1. Mush the banana into a pulp in a bowl
2. Add one cup of oats, mixing together with a fork.
3. Add half a cup of raisins or cranberries.
(I also add half a cup of desiccated coconut into the mix and sprinkle some on the top too).
4. Make into the desired shape and bake in an oven for about 15 mins at 180 degrees.

And it’s that easy, no weighing, little washing up and they can be made and cooked (and eaten!) within 20 minutes. Perfect for breakfast, pudding, or an anytime healthy snack.

I have tried this recipe as cookies, ball-shaped bites, a rectangular cereal type bar and as cakes. Each has been as successful as each other

Are oats gluten free?

There is some controversy as to whether or not oats are considered gluten free. It seems that oats themselves are, but they can be prepared where nongluten free goods are manufactured. As with any free-from product, always check the packaging for cross-contamination advice if you are purchasing for allergy or intolerance reasons.

What is a cup size?

If you are in the UK you will notice that most recipes originating from the USA are in cup sizes. Measuring cups are actually a really efficient way of getting your ingredients ready and a set of cups/spoons can be bought from as little as £5 a set online or from most supermarkets.

But for the purpose of this recipe, if you want to make it now, I currently use 85g oats, 50g coconut 50g raisins and one banana. It really doesn’t matter too much though as you can experiment to find your own preferred consistency. I’m really not keen on bananas but love coconut and raisins so have adjusted accordingly.

oat cake 600
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